CNV group was established in the financial and economic center of Western China, our production bases are located in eastern China and Sichuan province with capacity of 200,000 tons per year of polyester fiber. With high technology for different and modified polyester staple fiber manufactory, we are the professional and the most reputable in the textile field in China, specializing in R&D, production and sales of low melting (thermal bonding) fiber, high elastic with soft type hollow conjugate, micro-fine fiber etc.
With over 20 years textile industries background, we have established strong cooperation with top 500 enterprises, our products have exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

Our factory’s production line for staple fiber features in melt spinning directly, and the single line’s capacity is the first class in the world. The properties of three-dimensional crimped differential polyester staple fiber are lofty, spongy and elastic. Its specifications are from 0.9 to 23deniers, and its types are complete. Low melt fiber from 1.5~15Denier (melt point from 110 to 200 degree Celsius). These products are mainly used in spray-bonded non-woven fiber, stuffing non-woven fiber and cushion material, which are suitable for manufacturing each kind of non-woven fabric. The developed process and grafted technology make the products more competitive in type, quality and cost in the market.
     Everyone could touch our products in all our lives, including garments, home textile, furniture, automation, aerospace and military etc.