CNV Chemical fiber Chengdu)Co.,Ltd is localted in chengdu that is the centre finance and political city of west china, focus on the polyester difference fiber and high technology fiber .
     Since 2003, our members were focus on polyester(hollow conjugate fiber, low melting fiber, short cut fiber, flame retardant fiber, hydrophilic fiber etc); microfine fiber(sea island and splittable ); aramid fiber ,aramid pulp, conductive yarn for iphone touch etc .
     You could find many products that produced by our fibers and materials in your life. Ex:clothes, bed, pillow, hats,sofa, mattres ; interior of auto and airplane ; and filter,mattress etc others fields.
     We are the high technology fiber leader of west china, we develop and research new products according to our customers.also we cooperate with international fiber and new materials team .
Become the world famous fiber supplier is our goal!